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- AITPA at the service of business.

Spain's industrial history begun with the cotton textile industry, one of the most dynamic sectors, thanks to the tenacity and associative tendencies of those who began their careers in this industry.

The first historical origins date back to the times of Charles III, in 1771, with the creation of the "Commission of Cotton Yarn, Fabrics and Printing Factories in the Principate of Catalunya", which in 1889 gave way to Europe's oldest employers' association, Fomento del Trabajo.

Today's AITPA is the legacy of the Cotton Textile Industry Foreign Trade Service (SECEA), an entity founded in 1954 to carry on the spirit of prior organisations whose objective was the defence of the industry's collective interests.

Following the changes and transformations undergone by Spanish society and industry in the Transition (the years following the end of Franco's regime), AITPA was founded as industrial association on 6 July, 1977.

- Serving the Spanish cotton textile industry.


AITPA represents the cotton and  blend textile industry throughout Spain. Given the prime importance of this sector in Catalonia, it has always been headquartered in Barcelona, in the so-called "House of Cotton",  a beautiful 19th century building at Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 670.

Its associated companies produce all kinds of yarns, fabrics and semi-make-ups. Their main markets are made up of knitwear and apparel industries (for yarns and fabrics), small and large distribution operations (linens and decorative textiles) and other industries, such as the automotive, aeronautical, construction and other sectors (technical textiles).

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- AITPA, linked with the business network.


To properly fulfil its objectives, AITPA maintains rich relationships with other organisations which, either on a domestic or international level, defend similar interests, and help AITPA meet its goals.

In its role as a business association, AITPA is a member of the Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (Spanish Federation of Business Organisations)(CEOE), of the Catalan business associaton Fomento del Trabajo and has representatives in several Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It also an associte member of the Círculo de Economía (Circle of Economy).

As a textile organisation, it is a founding member of the Consejo Intertextil Español (Spanish Intertextile Council)(CIE), a federation which represents the Spanish textile-make-up industry, and of the Fundación del Diseño Textil (Textile Design Foundation)(FUNDIT), creator of the Escuela Superior de Diseño (Design Institute)(ESDI) which is integrated in the Ramon Llull University.

As part of the European Union, AITPA is member with the CIE, of the EURATEX, with headquarters in Brussels.

Finally, on the worldwide level, AITPA is a founding member of the Textile Manufacturers Federation (TMF), established in 1904 and based in Zurich.

On the functional side, AITPA has excellent relations with the Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (Spanish Foreign Trade Institute)(ICEX), its part of the Consorcio de Promoción Comercial de Catalunya (Catalan Commercial Promotion Consortium)(COPCA), and has collaboration protocols with the Centre de Desenvolupament Empresarial (Centre for Business Development)(CIDEM), the Institut Català de Tecnologia (Catalan Institute of Technology)(ICT) and the Autonomous Government of Catalonia's Environment Department.


Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 670 | 08010 Barcelona | ESPAÑA | Tel. (+34)93 318 92 00 | Fax. (+34)93 302 62 35 | E-mail: aitpa@aitpa.es