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The headquarters of the AITPA is located in an elegant "ochocentista" Catalan building, on the Barcelonese Gran Vía boulevard. The acquisition of this building was completed in 1957 in an effort to house the greatest possible number of cotton organisations and services. The idea was to create a true House of Cotton.

The architect charged of carrying out the expansion and renovation projects was Nicolás Mª Rubió, who stated that when he was consulted by the Inmobiliaria Textil Algodonera, S.A. on the project, his attention "was grabbed by two fundamental factors. First, that Catalonia's modern cotton textile industry was a creation of the 19th century. The project could not ignore this fundamental fact." Thus, the architect thought that the building and its Barcelonese neo-classical style, representative of the "ochocentista" tradition within Catalan industry, had to be perpetuated in the new property.

The second concept was the fact that the cotton textile industry was projected,  towards a firm future. The new head office would have to be analogous to this projection toward tomorrow. "This focus of the problem excluded the solution of demolishing the building to replace it with another of a modern style".

Thus, AITPA's headquarters has respected the work of the architect who designed it, Rogent (1821 - 1897) and has conserved its initial structure,  adapted to the new functions and necessities of the Association.

Special mention must be made of the main stairway, constructed with dry materials: iron, wood, glass and aluminum, and whose most striking characteristic is that there is no support on the floor below it. It is suspended from the metalwork of the building's highest floor, giving it a light, aerial feel.

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