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- AITPA at the service of business.

AITPA unites cotton textile industries, giving their existence and concerns strength and public relevance.

AITPA represents sector companies before Government Agencies, Trade Unions, the media and society in general.

AITPA lobbies government bodies so that their economic, industrial and commercial policies allow the proper development of the sector's business activities, and do not lead to their collapse.

AITPA offers its associated companies useful and personalised information, consultation, orientation and production promotion services.

AITPA is a meeting point industry companies, regardless of their situation or problems, which require discussion between themselves to carry out a co-ordinated action or joint venture.

- Organizational chart.

See organizational chart.

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| Tel. (+34)93 318 92 00 | Fax. (+34)93 302 62 35 | E-mail: aitpa@aitpa.es |